What’s in a Name

Do you realize there are millions of people who do not know who Isaiah is?  When they see the name Job, they think of employment.  Abel is only what they can do.  Methuselah only hangs around in the English language as an expression of impatience.

Yet these men are with God for eternity.  And every eye will see the one who saved them.  And the willingly ignorant won’t know why.

If you are afraid of men, and keep the gospel to yourself, at least mention such wonderful people.  For without the work of God in them, you would not have the Gospel as you do.

If you find yourself so full of fear that you are too ashamed to speak of Jesus, at least educate.

Men talk about Gandhi, Hitler, Socrates, Plato and other such names.  And there is no offense taken. 

How small is man and how great is Jesus.  Why are we so ashamed of his holy name?

By His Grace

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