To Marvel is no Proof at All

What value is the man who only marvels at Christ Jesus?  We are told that every man who ever lived will do that.  Even the most vile of humanity will bow his knee and give glory to Christ Jesus.

What can be said of the man who marvels and obeys?  We are told there are few who will ever do that.  What makes the difference between the few and the many?

We can do nothing without him.  And what we do is an extension of who we have become.  What can be said then of the man who marvels, yet becomes nothing?

If I see a king and marvel at the things he has, I need give him no respect in order to marvel.  But if I adore the king, I think it right and just that he should be adorned in royalty.  Yet how can I adore him if I do not know him?

The wicked man may look on the riches of the king and desire them out of greed or envy.  But the righteous servant will love the king, and rightly desire him to be blessed.

The wicked man will be a difficult citizen of the land.  But the righteous man will be a blessing to the one who rules.  True righteousness then, is not a product of citizenship.  True Christianity is not a membership in a club.

As such things are so here, they will be vastly more so in heaven.  If you do not love the Lord Jesus, it would be good for you to fall in prayer and confess.  Let him dress you in love, as he reveals who he is.

The wicked man will never hear, ‘Well done, thou good and faithful servant”.  But the one who is taught to love the Holy Lord,  can look forward to such a kiss in his ear.

This transformation is not something a man can conjure up from his own mind.  If that were so, the ingenuity of man would make the few many.  It must be received; it must be revealed from the Lord Himself.

No man has ever truly loved a woman he has never met.  How can a man be married to no one?  But let the man meet the woman who rings true in his soul, and he will love her unto death.  A willing love is provided by true respect.

This provokes the difference between religion and “The Faith”.  This provokes those coveted words from the Holy One on that great day.  This makes the difference between the few and the many.

By His Grace


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