Glory Rejected

While we sleep in stupor,

The angels sing his name;

While man thinks to relegate,

His Glory among the shame.

Oh man you do not realize

You are left alone.

Rebellion are the words you sing;

“Reject His Mighty Throne”.

Countless many angels,

Creatures great and small,

All of Heaven spends its time,

Exalting the Lord of all.

You think it’s odd, a man should love

The God of heaven and earth.

And all your tiny siblings,

You teach from day of birth;

“Reject the Lord.  Believe the lie.

Be counted with all of us.

United we stand

Rejected is He.

Stop making such a fuss.”

Reject me too.  Oh please do;

This isolated me!

For I hear and see His glory

From sea to shining sea.

Allegiance you demand from me.

You will not own my own.

To death he has secured me,

To praise His Mighty Throne.

By His Grace


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