A man says, “I am a man of my word”.  This one means well, but I would rather be a man of God’s Word.

If I boast that I am able to keep my promises, I trust in myself and I will fail.  Sickness and misfortune, forgetfulness and sloth, crouch behind the corner and wait for a weak moment.   The one who boast in his own ability does not understand his own frail nature.

But if I trust the one who is the Living Word I will never fail.

The man who boast in His righteousness, boasts from the perspective of this world.  The man who trust in God, boasts that God alone is good.

I am a man of God’s Word.  You will find fault with me.  But you will not find fault in the one I trust.  I do not ask you to trust me.  Even I do not trust me!

By His Grace


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