Civil Minded Christians

A man may hate another man, this I can understand.  After all we are a wicked and hopeless breed.  War and murder are not alien to the thoughts of man.

But I am taken back by the venomous hatred of those who have turned away from the gospel.  They are not like those who have rejected the gospel without inspecting it closely.  They looked close enough to gain understanding.  But since they have rejected Christ, their hatred has become demonic.

Such people become obsessed with the demise of Christianity.  They would be better able to destroy the earth with a shovel; heaving scoop by scoop into the oblivion of outer space.  Such hatred makes no sense at all.  In the language of men we would call this stupid.  In the language of God we would call it demonic.

But I do not mention this that I might cast a shadow on the parade of backslidden, foolish men.   Rather, I mention this as a warning to all Christians. 

Do not be fooled by the siren call of the world.  They will tell you, “You can still have your Christianity, only play in the sandbox with us”.  If you do that, you are headed to unmovable rocks. 

You will ship wreck your faith.  You will become the haunt of every demon who desires you.  In the end you will do the will of the enemy of God.

These men who despise God, to near insanity, were once like you.  They looked into the things of Christ with desire.  But when they found the world easier to pallet, they turned away.

You may think that can’t happen to you; you are such a civil minded heart.  The civil mind you have now is given to you by God himself.  Embrace the world and you may well lose it.

By His Grace


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