Today’s Spartans

“The Spartans”, refers to a group of warriors from the Greek city of Sparta.  Their vicious allegiance to their country has remained as near myth status even to this day.

Around the year 900 BC, Sparta decided to make an entire nation of warriors.  They would inspect each baby, as it was born, and decide if it was strong or weak.  If it was found to be weak, the male child was thrown outside the city to die.

If it was found worthy to live, the child was raised up until the age of 7, then it was taken and placed in a school of training.

In the school the child was taught the art of war, of ethics, and the elegance of poetry.  By this Sparta transformed its nation into a fearsome foe.  Even one of the poets of that day took note that, Sparta had dropped its walls of brick and made a wall of men.

Consider how many places the name of Sparta is used in sports.  Yet I contend that sports is not the only place where the Spartan rearing is used.

I have seen toys resembling cell phones and computers that are made for newborn babies.  Before a child can understand, he is introduced to a life of technological advancement.

Now please allow a leap of logic in the progress of this writing.

When a man is born in Christ, he is introduced to the things of heaven before he can understand.  He learns the songs of Christ, the words of Christ, the stories of God in Christ, and the behavior of the family of Christ.

If Sparta is renowned to this day for having created a society of warriors, how much more indelible is the family of God?

From the time of Christ to now, the people of God have been subjected to a myriad of humiliating attacks.  At its inception, Christianity was a bloody spot on earth.

Perhaps you have heard of how the Christians were treated in the first few decades.  They were captured and killed, thrown into the arena with wild beasts who would devour them.  They were ripped apart while alive.  They were fastened to stakes then set on fire.  Or all their possessions were forcibly taken from them.

As history moved on, there were other means the world used to destroy Christianity.  Even so Christianity has survived for over 2000 years ( and vibrantly at that).

The power of God, in His people, will not be subdued.  Yet the world keeps trying.

Look at how you treat your children.  Look at the things you teach them before they are old enough to understand.  Look at how you pull them away from the Holy Name of God before their ears perceive the meaning of your sounds. 

Take a look at how you have been ransacked.  Take a look at how the things of God have been ripped from you in the night.  Go in search your place!  Where is your prayer?  Where are the holy words of God?  Where is the power of the Holy Spirit in your house?  Where is the wisdom of God in your children?  Where is the wisdom of God in your elders?  Where is the fearsome independence borne by trust in God?  Where is your Holy faith?  It’s gone! 

The wisdom of Sparta, to raise child warriors, has not died.  And you citizens of the world are not even aware.  You think it great pleasure to introduce your children to the things that capture your attention.  And so you fortify your nations, States, provinces and cities, against the Holy name of Christ Jesus. 

All the while God selects your corrupted children, without asking permission.  He causes them to be his own.  When you perceive that they have been corrupted by holy things, you cast them away from you that they may die.

You have become valiant warriors.  You have dressed yourself, from infancy, to war against the things of God.  You are so indoctrinated with the things of this world, that you think it odd that anyone should stand against your unholy ways.

Yet all men will be brought before the judgment of the Holy God.  As Sparta was eventually thrown down, so will be the training of this world. 

Who has understanding to perceive these things?  Who even desires to understand?  This message is sent out among the people who do not care.  Their eyes and ears are drowned in the work of their own hands.  They are immersed in what is wicked and cannot see.  They have made an entire society of a people who war against God.

Yet if a man perceives what is written here, let him humble himself before God, that his understanding may be clearer.  The salvation of Christ is far more powerful than all the illusions of this world.

By His Grace


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