The Grant

Let the man who perceives his poverty go to the rich man.  Let the pauper ask for a grant.  If the rich man is truly rich, he will accent.

But let the pauper stay a while to gain wisdom in dispensing this wealth.  For he did not know how to tend to his own.  How will he now tend to that which is freely given?  Won’t he become a pauper again?

Let regret stay a long distance from your door, O’ Pauper.  Stay and learn from he who knows how to retain.


I have millions of regrets for things I’ve done.  But I cannot allow a singular item to become an item of regret.

I have received a luxurious grant from the Lord, through the wisdom and diligence of an elderly man.

Many years ago, I became a Christian.  When that happened, the Lord brought a wonderful example of Christianity to me.

I learned volumes, regarding the diligence necessary to retain what I had been granted.

Regret came decades later when I realized I left that wonderful man far too soon.  I did end up squandering that wealth, to some degree.
And I paid a heavy price for about 10 years.


So let it be that a man who perceives his poverty should go to He who is rich beyond measure.  Let him ask.  He will receive.

But let that beggar stay a while.  Let him sit at the feet of a God sent mentor.  Let come what may, secure diligence!


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