Bill Cosby

Who is this one man who has shaken the expectations of America?   Why has he been elevated to a place of hope? 

Now that questions arise regarding integrity, how is it that America has allowed itself to worship a man?

Look, see how it pains you to hear the news.  Look how your loss abounds.  Your faith was placed in error.  And now, both he and you suffer a silent vengeance.

Your faith rightfully belonged in God alone.  Have you learned anything?  Likely not.  For even as you murder the man’s heart, you busy yourselves with seeking his successor.

Woe to you, America, for you live without godly wisdom.  Woe to his successor.   For he too will fail your stubborn and foolish expectations.  

Your unholy lack exposes your shameful parts.  You worship the created, yet pay no attention to The Living God in The Majesty of His Christ.  Woe to you and the children you teach.

By His Grace


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