Skittish, No More!

The food is prepared.

Properly portioned;

Abundant in flavor and appeal.


A trek is made down the mountain,

To the edge of the woods;

Where the spacious plains abide.

That place where,

Trees of potential wander about;

Without meaningful knowledge.


With stealth before the dawn,

Loving hands deliver the gift.

Then quietly, invisibly,

I slink back to my place

Among the trees that Are.


Watch and wait.

Wait and watch.

Will the fearful ones come to eat?

The breeze of the day

Comes down from the mountain,

Sending the scent their way.

How careful they are,

For they perceive;

This is not a natural food.

But hunger and curiosity win;

Shaky legs bring them near.


“Eat, desired ones!”

This whisper finds no voice.


Taste and see that the Lord is good.

Rise up and come join me.

Together we will Live,

On the mountain of His Hope.

There, we will, with unity, prepare:

Meals of Great delight.

We will, together, come;

To the place of “delivery”.


Unspeakable joy shall be ours.

For the Giver, Himself,

Takes unspeakable joy at providing.

Let us provide then!


Let Him add to His

Number of joyous cooks.

By His Grace


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