Ruse-amentary Experiments

One plus one is two.

Unless of course you’re talking about 2 cups of water joined together.

Now you no longer have two cups of water.

In this case you have one plus one is one.

Sure, the end result is bigger.

But the first to volumes have multiplied themselves into a single volume.

It’s a ruse isn’t it?

The only thing that experiment uses, is the vocabulary to name the different parts.

There are millions of experiments one might perform which use vocabulary as the singular value.  Without a change in vocabulary the value of things does not change at all.  But a change in vocabulary is a change in perspective. 

“Aha!”  Men say.  “This has far more value than one might think.”  And now he strokes his chin in deep thought until a smile appears.

This manipulation of vocabulary is what man has done with the things of God.  Man has combined this and combined that, and given it a different name. 

Regardless the vocabulary used, it still belongs to God.  But perspective has been shifted to man!  “YES!”

This is the first science to develop in humanity.  “Let’s figure out a way to rid ourselves of the Holy One.”

Men still need law.  But the crafty little dudes found different words to say the same thing as God.  With that, they can only their own law!

They did it in the days of Cain.  And they’re still doing it today.

The hilarious part of all of this, however,  should be obvious.  Man hasn’t done any damage to God whatsoever.  He simply strives to get rid of one single word, HOLY.

By His Grace


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