Chaotic Building Materials

He who would save his life will lose it.  Yes, the Lord said that.  But did you know there’s an absolutely logical reason for it?  The saying is not a threat from God.

Nothing man can build, in the way of a life, can last.  The only items he has in his hand to build with, come from chaos. 

He gathers and digs, and scrapes together items that form his life.  Where did he get these things?  He got them from the mass of chaos that is this world.

It can be compared to a man trying to build a house out of rotten and twisted lumber, rusty nails and screws, and a tape measure that was drawn by a child.  He tries to build a straight house on a foundation that is crooked and rough.  To top it all off he builds in a place prone to storms.

Chaos is chaos, it can’t be anything else.  Such a life is bound to explode into futility, and horrible frustration.  The one who desires to save this life, will find himself busy in repair forever.  So yes, he who desires to save his life will certainly lose it.

But the life that God offers is not built on chaos.  God offers a man the things that are built on eternal life.  By their very nature, they are perfectly unshakable.

Here’s the rub my friends.  All we have ever known is a life of constant repair.  We have been duped into believing this is life.  Pathetically, we are secure in this belief. 

When the offer of life from God arrives, it is perceived as another form of chaos.  It threatens to tear down the sweat and blood house we have built.   Since a man is already busy, beyond his ability, repairing what he has, there is an automatic rejection of more demands.

Only those people who recognize the futility of their life, receive God’s gift readily.  But God is insistent.  “I’m trying to give you life.  Let go of what you have and you will live a joyous and full life.”  So a struggle unto death becomes.

The resulting war is no joke at all.  A God born faith is required, as if a man stares down a hungry lion.  But the battle will not relent.  The only closure to this war, is the grave itself.  Sadly, many millions have gone to the grave, embroiled in this battle but never receiving God’s grace. 

Not every man perceives these things.  Most often the battle is rejected without consideration. 

Look at it this way, you will fight a war with something until the day you die.  Why not wisely pick your battle?

The Apostle Peter addressed this: “Dear friends, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal that has come on you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you.”  (1 Peter 4: 12)

Give up and live.  Strive to retain what you have and you will die. 

Chaos cannot give birth to life.  Life cannot give birth to chaos.  The two are forever opposing.  Chaos will destroy itself.  Life lives forever.

Christ Jesus offers life.  But who will take it?

By His Grace


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