The Immeasurable Difference

I tried to write of the difference between man and the Majesty of God.  A pile of waded up thoughts fill the trash can of my mind.  And what is provided below, lacks sufficient power to explain.

I found it very easy to point to the limited nature of man.  But when it came to writing what God has shown me in regard to His Holiness,  I found myself unable.

Even the tiny things of Christ, that I can perceive, are unstable in my mind.  Man is not permitted, by the very nature of our being, to speak of the Glory of God.

Water does not know what it’s like to be dirt, which restrains it.  And it is pressed about by the air, that it may retain its place. 

And the dirt, from which we are cast, knows nothing of the nature of water or air, yet it is subject to erosion by both.  As quickly as it is exposed, demise greets it.

Air does not know what it is like to be water or dirt.  Yet it can suspend both, and is subject to their enforced places of limit. 

And what shall be said of the nature of fire?  It is as if a being of its own.  Intensity is the only restriction it knows among the three.

How great is the Majesty of He who has done these things?  How utterly unlike us is the Holy One and his Christ?

How much devotion and praise is due to His Holy name?  For He has created us for the purpose of salvation.  And this by His own Holy Blood.  

How pathetic is man?  Not only is he unable to understand the nature of God, but his rebellion compounds the difference.  For he refuses to even give HIM consideration.

Man is caught up in his own things.  Man spends his days consumed with worshipping what he can make with what God has provided.  But what will the state of their affairs be (those who refuse his loving counsel), when the Holy One rises to reveal Himself?

By His Grace

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