Successful Christianity

What characterizes a successful Christian?  He has something that’s rather rare.  Something that many, apparently, never even know exists.  And it must be rare because all the Christians are still trying to find it.  That in itself, makes this a worthwhile post.

He’s a detriment to the Christian publishing business.  He’s simply not that interested in mainline Christianity.  He doesn’t need “how to” books, he’s already doing it.  He doesn’t need someone to provoke inspiration, he can’t shut it off.   But this in itself doesn’t make him a successful Christian.

It’s highly likely he does not have a lot of friends.  Though he is the one steady enough to confide in.  People rarely seek him out.  He just doesn’t play well with others.

He hates no one.  But he also trust no one.  And over time that becomes rather obvious.  Still, no “pin the tail on the donkey” here.

The successful Christian knows where his Bible is at all times.  He may or may not be able to quote you chapter and verse.  But you’ll find him busy doing it.  Yet this isn’t what sets him apart from the rest.  Many fall into legalistic adherence to the Word.  Many!

What is it that has cut him away from the larger portion of the flock?  Why is this one successful, while the others flounder about? 

If he has no interest in the things of mainline Christianity, how can he be called successful?  And if the successful Christian can’t memorize chapter and verse, what was the use of their notation?

Two really good questions.  But I’ll let the reader answer for himself.  When you finally realize the answers, you’ll be amazed.

The successful Christian understands the meaning of the name “Christ”.  And he realizes, with stark nakedness, that he does not own this understanding, because he studied.  He realizes that Christ knows him, and he knows Christ because of the merciful introduction from the Father.

In the successful Christian’s mind, he has only one thing that he can call his own.  To whatever extent a person owns this, he is a blowout success.

(watch for caveat.)

A successful Christian is always looking for opportunity to obey (bingo!).  This is the only item of Christianity we can own.  Everything else comes from God.  Obedience comes from mastery of the will.

(Slow down please.  Caveat ahead.)

Though it must be said that no man masters the will, without the direct guidance of Christ Jesus.  The successful Christian has made up his mind to dedicate himself to mastery.  The mutual work of Christ Jesus and man comes to a head in the man’s will.

You know the really sad part about this entire writing, is that I felt it necessary.

By His Grace


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