To What End?

I can play the guitar and sing songs that praise God.  But to what end?  With the simple flick of a switch, men can listen to much better quality of music than I can produce.

The simple days are gone.  The days when a man might sit near the fire and entertain his loved ones with the music he can make, are gone.  They won’t come back in my life time.  If, indeed, they ever come back among men.

I could stand on a street corner and preach the word of God, in what variety of means might come to my heart.  But to what end?  Shall the steel of the passing cars hear my words and repent?  Not many read lips.  And their passing is far too quick to gain more than a simple word, as they speed by.

The simple days of inclusion are gone.  Now is the day of isolation.  And just think what this isolation is breeding.  Those in control of mass media hold the attention of the general public.  Gone is the day when a man might affect the passing public with the Gospel.  It’s gone.  And it’s not likely to return in my life time.

I could sing.  I could preach.  I could dance for them.  But to what end?

And I can write (as some might call these works).  But to what end?  Every article I post, stands in direct competition with a million others.  Every post I post falls into the pile of “interesting things”.

But there is something I can do that is viable.  There is something I can do that never fails to produce.  I can worship the Living God in Christ Jesus.

These simple things will never fade, not in this life or the life to come.

God alone knows the slices between men that penetrate to understanding.  He alone can penetrate the steel of a car.  He alone can whisper over the loudest stereo, and be clearly heard.  He alone can dance before them with entrancing creation.  He alone can write on our hearts!  He alone knows how to obliterate the noise of man.  He alone can drive a man to his knees in convulsive sobbing at the wickedness of the man’s heart.  And when He appears, then comes Life!

Prayer, direction of the will, that certain “listening” to what is, and obedience to what I know is holy,  these things I can do.  And they will never fail to produce that bounty that God deserves to have for the Life He has promised and delivered to those who love Him.



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