Flying Free

There can be no shame within me, to expose my lack before the Living God.  For by such exposition, both I and His people are strengthened to what is “more”.

I cannot boast in my weakness.  But I can address openly, the things the Lord exposes.  And how His Holy expectation deserves an answer.

He is just and righteous among us all.  His patience is for an accounting.  He teaches with diligent intent.  His desire is cast abroad.

If we listen, He is rewarded for His excellent Love.  Yet if we balk, His desire is subjected to frustration.

Now we look to His patient love.  With open heart, and eyes of the Holy Spirit, we turn to face Him.  Approach with confidence, for this is the promise which He wrote in His Holy Blood.

What is His Holy Covenant, what value is it to us?  The answer is dictated from our willingness to obey.

What provokes our lack?  Isn’t it our unwillingness to believe?  Is it not, then, our tiny faith that keeps us bound?

Come with me.  Let us enter into His Covenant.  Let us fan the flames of gifting, so that our faith might prosper.  Race on before me, if you can!  Then call back to speak of the beauties you perceive.  Let us drive one another as far as we can.  By our limit, we have tested the Lord.  If we have found Him to be Good, why not break another link that our faith might fly free?

Thus there is no shame in exposing what lacks.  For as one we enter in to He who is One.


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