The Perplexing Question

My God, you are so sweet.  You bring me a perplexing question, to which I have no answer.  But now I strive to provide an accounting to your tender truth.

“Why do you pay attention to these things of the flesh, and come to Me for wisdom?”

You do not ask without expectation of answer.  Draw up my will to answer.  Summon my soul to answer.  Seek what is faultless and true.  Condemnation is perceived.  But growth is offered.

Why do I listen with my eyes of flesh?  Why do I allow perception to appear from my fleshly ears?  Why do I allow division to exist, when fullness is offered so freely?

For surely, there is a place where I do not allow these things to divide.  There is a place where Your wisdom abides, as freely as it is offered.

Shall I blame the condition of limit, in which man is forced to live?  That is no answer to Your earnest question.  That is to seek an excuse.

I shall ponder this with willing heart.  For You call me to “All”.  And there is “All” for the taking.  Holiness beckons.  The fullness of Stephen awaits.

I stand between fullness and want.  I stand at the door of “becoming”.  Why hesitate?  For now, I can’t answer.  What a shame to me that I should not be able to give an immediate answer.  What a shame to me that You should have to ask.

Yet what possibilities for Your Glory are present!  What service remains undone.  What rekindling of flame demands too much time.  What a raging story is yet to be written.

By Your Grace we prosper, and that for Your Glory’s sake.  Direct my mind.  Direct my will to hear.  Regardless the surroundings, Your people should endure with great vigor.  This is so.  This is true!  Show me how to endure, according to the power of You, O Christ of God.


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