“Scare Me Daddy!”

If it were a game (This war between heaven and hell that resides in the soul),  the startled response of men would touch the humorous bone.   Their reaction to the truth of God in Christ Jesus (The rejection of the gospel among men), would be funny.  The fearful look on their faces is often a caricature of humor.

As if the game that fathers and children love to play, “I want you to scare me daddy, so I can laugh at fear”.  What delight there is in giving.  What solace there is in receiving.  A game of loving kindness dressed in terror.

But this is no game my friend, and I am not enheartened by their fear.  This is no joke.  This is no game: “The one who sins will die”.  The terror on a soldier’s face, as the sounds of battle approach, is not funny.

This Father, The Holy One, will not allow the fear of death to be swept aside.   His Holy demands stand strong, and eternally serious.  There is acceptance, yes.  But there is also a rejection at His Holy Throne!  Just as they are enthralled with his Beauty, that very moment of His unveiling, the fear of death shakes their soul to blackness.

There will be no laughter at failure.  Rejection is void of humor. 

Though we are children, He addresses us as men and women; fully grown and able to comprehend.  When we were children, we played such games to prepare for this very war! 

As you laid aside your toys, now let us take seriously the truth God offers.  Let us perform the old saying, “Grow up”.  As you entered into adulthood, now let us enter into sobriety.  It is certainly the natural progression of things.

The game of “Scare me daddy” is long gone.  May the fear of God assail our frail hearts.  The game prepared you to trust, despite your fear.  Now employ your learning.

By His Grace


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