Gifts of the Spirit

The one who makes a personal art of the things he knows he can do, can be referred to as an artisan.
There are men who make worthy pots and pans.  Men who paint, and men who “stand” and speak of what is true.

There are gifts that are inherent from the teachings we endure.  They come to us by virtue of our parents, peers and more.

But a singular gift is sent from above to everyone the Lord will love.  For the Glory of His Majesty, His Christ; the Worthy One and Free.
At the beginning of my walk in Christ, I used a talent that seemed to emerge from nowhere.  I kept it to myself, for it was very useful.  I spoke to the Lord with paper and ink, writing my thoughts and writing possible responses.  I came to perceive the wisdom of God in the responses that were chosen.

No one saw those early writings.  I don’t know what became of them.  And perhaps it doesn’t matter.  For, little by little, I became because of them.

He had gifted me to become a scribe; to write down the things I encountered that belong to Him.  Not that I am above my brothers, for my writings are ramblings and small.  I have read the things that belong to masters of the same gift.

This is an awareness of my own journey.  But every child of God receives something uniquely special.

The Apostle Paul said this to his spiritual son Timothy:
6 “For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands. 7 For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.”

Had men laid their hands on me, and spoke of the gift that is in me, I would have known to fan it into flame.  But no mention was made, for no one knew.

Decades later, I began to perceive a gift to relate the things of God.  His wisdom is given freely to anyone who asks and believes.  There is nothing special about this man.

There is nothing special about you.  But the Lord of life has seen fit to give such gifts to every one of his children. 

The purposes of his giving are hidden and woven into the fabric which spans the boundary between heaven and earth.  Your gift is exclusively for His Majesty. 
I say this with a desire for the deepest of encouragement; that every child of God may know he has a distinct purpose.

Examine what you do (if you do not yet know what gift is yours).  Look at what you love to accomplish, those things that bring the Lord praise.

Try to forget for a moment those things which you see others accomplish.  Though your gift may be similar, it will be unique.

And be careful as you listen to those who may advise you.  As it was for me, the decades between, it may not be for all.  But I suspicion that if man can manipulated it, or direct another along his way, the result is too close to man’s hands.

Read all the “how-to” books you want.  In sum, they will say no more than this.  You will find yourself still requiring an answer.

Many assume that the wisdom of man can direct them in the wisdom of God.  If you search far enough you will find this fallacy a lie.  Yet many embrace the traditions of society.  There they remain, the rest of their life, lacking.

What can be faned into flame, that already rages among men?  How is the richly variegated wisdom of God glorified, if everyone is the same?  And how many of His gifts have fallen to the dust unused and unnoticed.  Ask yourself: “Should that case belong to me?”

By His Grace


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