The Beast at My Door

Humility is a fleeting beauty

For the sake of the beast within.

She comes to kiss with eternal lips.

And thus, for a moment,

The beast is subdued.

But soon he finds a bobble,

That others do not have;

A rock, a leaf, a twig, or sand,

And he rises once again.
Sin of pride crouches,

At the threshold of our door.

He desires to have us,

That he may have “what’s more”.

This horrible, putrid way of man;

This pride of life says, “Yes I can,

Be more than my brothers or sisters can be”!

To be equal with satan’s sin, you see.

The Apostle Paul had mentioned with three,

Prayerful attempts to be rid of thee.

But God in His Wisdom knows His design:

“My Grace is sufficient,

Humility’s mine”.

It’s given to man to endure and subdue,

That hideous beast that is me, that is you.

The deadliest animal ever to live,

Can be muzzled and chained

By the Glory that’s His.

By His Grace


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