The Shill of Man’s Joy

He was born in obscurity.  He readied himself with quiet humility.  He taught with words few understood.  He was condemned in private.  He was beaten in seclusion.  Then he was murdered in public.

The greatest of his joys is talked about the least; the moment when his feet left the ground.  At the end of his perfect ministry to man, he was taken up to be with his Father forever.

In this season, we talk about the baby.  In this season, we talk about his humiliation.  Though people marvel at the child.

But let us inject His glory to the story of our Lord.  For that tiny obscure child will return with explosive Holiness.

The world loves the innocent and helpless child.  But they have no regard for the glorious Lord he became.

The baby speaks no words of condemnation.  He is innocent and beautiful in their eyes. 

But make no mistake, at that time in his ministry, he was so treated by those who lived in his day.  Those same people who passed by with a smile, also screamed out the words, “Crucify him”. 

Christmas leads to three bloody nails.  Do not let the joy of the world confuse you.  They do not love The Christ, they love pageantry.

By His Grace


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