Wicked to the Core

I believed, long before I started writing, that man is wicked to the core.  This hope of a man-made utopia is a pipe dream that will never come true.  And those who put their trust in men to design it, and bring it to be, will find themselves disappointed.

I write this because it just occurred to me that over the years, my writings have given proof for my belief. 

Before I begin to write, I was often in debate over this issue.  In my heart I knew it, but I lacked the longevity of proof.  Since I could not substantiate, with examples, what I proposed to be, they simply referred to me as cynical.  I was relegated to a room in the hotel called “Pessimism”.

Before this, I relied on my own perception; the proof that man supplied by driving me to a dark corner of society.  But it is impossible for me to stand alone as a witness with my own perception. 

What good is it if I point the finger at them?  It is simply my finger; the weakend finger of an unhappy camper. And so the proclamation required many examples.  Let them point their fingers at themselves.

But there is proof in the volume of this place.  And isn’t that the very reason why this is not an amazingly popular blog?

I used to think it was the name of Christ that drove people away.  And I was perplexed, for millions attend church every Sunday.  Where were my brothers who believe the same as I?  Why was I shunned by those who profess the name of Christ?

But there is one item in these writings that sides with Christ very strongly; all of our righteous deeds are as filthy rags.  For this the masses have been driven away.  (no pun intended)

By His Grace


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