In Pursuit of Blasphemy

No one testifies of Christ because he loves to testify.  And the ones, whose motive is to testify alone, will fail and fall away.

Those who remain, testify because they are driven.  The power of Christ’s love is that compelling.  The power of the Holy Spirit gives no quarter.

They testify with vigorous soul.  They are not concerned with the popularity of their testimony.  Though no one reads their words, they are convinced that what the Lord has done will not return to Him void.

You cannot make them stop.  They themselves cannot affect a ceasing.  For the Lord has come to dwell within them.

God Himself has determined His messengers!

Oh adulteress world.  Do you really think you can suppress the word of the Living God?  Yes, you certainly do.

You think that if you attack, or ignore, His messengers that they will cease their proclamation.  You think this because you have attacked weak men.  And in your attack they have succumb.

So your folly is bolstered.  Pride fills you as if a valiant victor.  And you are spurred to legislate against Christ.  You are spurred to call His witnesses evil.

Your eyes widen with adrenaline, “I have found the way to rid myself of these noxious words!”

There were thousands of Egyptian soldiers who did the same as you!

By His Grace


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