Proper Living Praise

Oh, Holy Living God!  What thanks belongs to You.  What praise comes from those You have set free by the Holy Blood of Your Holy Son!

What words will man summon that correctly and fully give You praise?  His mouth is full of failing, even such men of faith.  The words we know cannot fully allow proper praise to become.  It is required.  It is given; this life of the Living God.  Only by the doing of Your Holy Living Will, are our words profitable before Your Holy Face.

By our ignorance we have spoken those things which should never be spoken.  But You have secured that living hope.  You direct, to salvation and restoration, that which has been broken; even Your Holy Law among men.

I will praise You with words and doings, directed by Your Holy Spirit.  Then You will have what is rightfully Yours.  Then alone will Your Holy Son be Glorified among Your people.

We wake from sleep, both that of body and that of darkness of soul.  To come to You and confess, that we might receive the joy extended from Your Holy Living Love.

Be Glorified among Your people, O’ God of Life!  Raise us up for Your Holy Name.  Raise us up for Your Holy Love.  Raise us up in the Holy Joy that belongs to You alone, Lord, Master, Giver of Life.  Let Your Holy Son consume us with desire, that desire that causes us profit.  You alone are Profit.

May Your Holy will live among Your people in great strength and continuance.

The day will come when we are filled without seam or relenting.  Let us taste what this means, even now.  Let us become, that You might have the sweet odor of obedience to life among Your people.

Praise the Lord!  Give Him praise with fullness, those who have seen what is Holy from the day of their creation.  Let all God’s people worship the Living God’s Holy Son with abandon born of His Holy gifts.  He has never asked too much.  He has always given what is sufficient to accomplish His Holy will.  He will never cease to give in this manner.  He alone is Holy, Holy, and Holy!  He alone is LIFE!

“Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God Almighty.  Who was, is, and is yet to come.  Salvation belongs to our God and to the Lamb.  For He has secured joy eternal for all who will be willing to listen and become!  Glory to our God forever, and this through His Holy Son.

In Jesus, the Christ of God, these words are brought together.  In Jesus His Holy Son, praise of life issues from His people.  Words of praise flow.  Doings of obedience for the sake of Love flow out.  Mighty, among men, are those who are purchased by the Blood of the Holy Lamb of God!

Amen, Amen and Amen.



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