The Holy Thief

Dressed in ragged raiment, the beggar stood up to speak.

Upon his face was a beaming smile, like summer breeze against your cheek.

What he spoke amazed the crowd for they counted him as dim.

But as words flowed out the crowd could see blazing light within.
“I have approached the Most High God.

I’ve taken what belongs to him.

Not so much as a sinner might do.

But absconding with remedy for sin.

He lays it in an open place outside his holy throne.

Any man may walk up there and take it quickly to his home.

He holds no man accountable for taking these things he owns.

But he lets them come and take what’s his to heal their ragged bones.

Even here you see a sliver of golden life from there

I found it in that open space.  I present it for your ears.

It does not take a hardy thief to take from the Most High God.

It only takes one who truly believes.  I’m really not that odd.

Wisdom is given freely; lacking judgment on the part of God.

Specific for the purpose of life, that his name we all might laud.”
With completion of delivery, the loner turned and left.

The crowd was stunned to silence.  He’d delivered more than their best.

What happened next, the jury rests, for only time will tell,

How they will treat this special gold he delivered oh so well.

By His Grace

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