My Servant 2

(Continuance from the post, “My Servant”)

I had brought my servant before me to give account of himself throughout the night.  As commanded, he sat before me on the floor, working through his papers of accountability.

Come the morning he had endured strong expectations.  I watched him as he prayed.  I listen to his careful words carefully.  I was witness to his dutiful obedience; how hard he strove to obey.

I arose from my throne of self.  Going over to him, I knelt on the floor in front of him.  Putting my hand under his chin, I raised his eyes to mine.

Perceiving this to be the moment of divulging, he opened his mouth to speak.  As he lifted his eyes to heaven, the words of request began to flow.

“It is my fault before You, O’ Living God in Christ.  I have disappointed my master. I have not fulfilled his requirements.  I have allowed to enter what should not be in his house.  I beg you my God Jesus, speak through me your voice.”

We waited but two moments, and then the words came out, “Be satisfied with what you have”.  Neither of us did doubt.

With mutual nod of agreement, we sat together on the floor.  Our Lord had answered faithfully, and cleaned our house once more.

Then we prayed together, my faithful will and I.  “Sovereign God it’s true for ever.  You will catch us, lest we die.”

The Holy Lord is faithful.  Jesus is truly King.  We spoke amen to Polycarp’s testimony: “Eighty and six years he has served me well.  Why should I deny him now?”

Should we live to be a hundred, he is the rightful Lord.  My will and I did worship there.  Casting praise and thanks to him.

By His Grace


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