My Servant

I could not sleep because of the news.  I did not want to sleep because of the urgency.  A tumult in my house has robbed me of peace.  An occasional plundering of my goods has reached my ears. So I pondered with these questions:

Is the hope of God among men, locked away in some distant future place?  Is it God’s will that we be tossed about my temptation?  Is there no repair for the wayward heart of man?  Truly, must we wait for heaven to do the will of the Living God in Christ Jesus?

These questions come to me as one.  How is it possible that my love for God can lack at all?

And then the singular question branches quickly into a myriad of uncountable answers.

As bountiful are the temptations of this wicked place, each one wickedly stands to give an answer.  But one suspect stands much closer than the temptations of every day and night.

By force of truth, I have called him to give account. 

“You are my servant.  To you all things of mine are given.   You are set, by proclamation of the Most High God, to be in control of the things that are mine.  There is lack in my house!  How can this be so?  Give account of yourself, I demand it!”

The truth of reply is given: “My lord I cannot give answer for the moment.”

What can I say to this?  He has been commanded to appear in truth.  And with truth he has answered me.

“Sit here before me.  You have allowed lack, as I gave you free reign to do the work you are commanded to accomplish.  Now sit here before me, so I can inspect your ways. I will know your diligence.”

Who is this servant who has been given so much?  Who is this servant who is under such heavy rebuke?  What kind of servant can be given the responsibility for the health of my entire house?

With barely audible whisper I will tell you.  It is my will.

By His Grace


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