“The Faith”:

Its fullness stands starkly before all the enemies of God.

Speaking by its presence, “You will never touch me”.

Though the storm may rage around he who abides with in this Faith,

He will sleep in peace.

Though the waves threaten the weakened ones,

The Faith abides in fullness of trust.

Boldness is its radiant marking.

He who has, timidity has become vanquished.

What is the threat that will subdue it?

What threat cast a shadow on the one who owns The Faith?

What is The Faith?

It is that God cannot lie.

He has spoken His Holy promise in flesh and blood.

He has raised Him from the dead by The Faith.

Though they sought to lay hands on him, he walked through their midst.

Yet, when their time of strength was given them, The Faith allowed capture.

Still, The Faith endured; as a lamb is led to the slaughter he did not open his mouth to complain.

The Faith!

What portion do we find ourselves willing to embrace?

Portion, because He is First!

Boldness of The Faith, my brothers!

Receive, do, glorify, accomplish, and become!

It is The Living God’s joy to give.



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