Truth For Sale

There is a distinct possibility that I’m about to lose a new-found friend.  Yet, in an effort to avoid the loss, I’m going to preface this post with a few short words.

This one I’m about to give answer to, is not alone.  He will know who he is.  But I won’t make mention of his name.  It’s not the new-found friend I’m attacking.  It is a certain concept that has gripped the “new” Christian church, with a “Gorilla Tape” grip.

I must also say, that if we bolt and run because someone points out a faulty premise we hold dear, we stood on quicksand long before we heard the correction.  I don’t want any loss.  But I can’t let this slide either.


What association does money have with Christ Jesus?  What value does fame have before the Living God?  Nationality is a cause for pride, not a source of godliness.  And if we are not accepted for some worldly division, what is that to us?

You want to write to make money.  There’s nothing stopping you there.  But if you want to make money by writing Christian books, you stand on really thin ice.  “Freely you have received, freely give.”  Anyone recall that?  Did Peter charge the beggar anything to heal his legs?  Did Jesus charge admission for any of His words or miracles?  Are we required to pay anything to receive salvation?  Then why would we use the freely given Gospel of Christ to make money.

To sit and gripe that no one will let you join in this useless profit, is a bewildering sorrow.  Isn’t salvation enough?  Did your nationality come up as you stood to accept the Lord?  Did someone say, “Oh, you’re from ‘this nation'”?  We’re you excluded from the joy of Christ because your skin was a different color?  Wasn’t the Gospel presented to you FREE?  Wasn’t it proclaimed in your native tongue?

You can do what you want.  What’s that to me?  But to make money because of the Son of God?  Aren’t there plenty of other ways to earn money?  Isn’t this world plentiful enough to inspire writings worthy of a couple bucks?

Again, you’ll do what you’ll do.

By the way, there are millions of anonymous writers.  And there are hundreds of ways to spread the Gospel for free.  What counts to you, profit, or the glorification of the Lord who’s Holy Blood bought your joy and inspiration?


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