Useless Words (No Further Value)

What is good news to the one who thinks everything is just peachy?  Why is Christianity of such tiny esteem in this world?  Because a message is being promoted with the strength of greed.  The greedy recognize it as “profit”.  It “rings their bell”!

“We’ll give you a list of things you can do to receive accolades from everyone you know.  Righteousness will be yours by doing these simple tasks.  Think green.  Live United.  Refrain from volatile speech.  Consider everyone with equality.  Love, without reservation toward religion.  Embrace every thought, for every thought has eternal value.”

Who needs the Good News of the Gospel, when they have all the good news they can handle?  Who needs salvation, when there’s nothing wrong?  The only thing wrong in this world is the division caused by differing beliefs regarding what is good; that’s what they’ll tell you.  Isn’t that what’s being forced down the throat of every one of us?

Who will read the vibrant and living threats of God, when they have all they could ever want?  For $10.00, you can go to Wal Mart and buy more happiness.  Oh, I agree it won’t last long.  But their stock of “happiness” seems to have no end.  And eat?  Oh!  Eating we can do!  Utopia has come into view!  We’re finally free of that Living God stuff.  We don’t need Jesus!  We got it all!

Hmm.  I perceive a problem here.

The living threats of God are already on the way folks.  All the while, you live like tomorrow will be the same as today.

It is impossible for God to lie.  As surely as He has promised eternal life to those who humble themselves before His Majestic Holy Son, He will annihilate all who love this world more than Him.

You glorify your dead.  But less than a split second after the last breath, they are separated by the Judgment of God.  You glorify your greed and pride.  But God Glorifies His Holy Son.

If you knew what awaits you, just beyond your last breath, you’d perceive the Good News of the Gospel in a radically different light.

I’d tell you about the Love of God.  But you’d never understand from the perspective you now hold so dear.  The curious thing is, you have no stomach for the terror that is headed your way either.

I could speak to you with comforting words.  But you don’t warrant them.  I could speak to you with fiery words of Living Threat.  But you allow such words no authority among you.

What will you do, when you’re face to face (for the very first time) with the Living God?  I’ll fill in the blank for you.  You’ll desire to be anywhere but there.  You’ll quake in fear, like you’ve never felt before.

Here, death looms as a release from the things that bring you trouble.  There, there will be no place to hide.  No release.  No hope.  And no EXCUSES.

Toss this about a while.  Think about it.  As surely as The Living God lives, this will come upon all men who consider the Holy Son of God as a useless set of words.


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