“I’m a Man!”

With every thought.  With every action.  With every word he speaks.  Man proclaims, “I am a man”.

With pride of accomplished adulthood, man stands.  As if there is something to be proud about, by the simple doings of expectations.

How many perceive the shame of man?  How many are able or willing to perceive the length, width, height, and depth that is God?  With such a perception, man is no more than a tiny baby.

Wisdom escapes man; holy wisdom from ancient of ages escapes man.  The doings of God that were done endless years before the creation of Adam.  Where is this wisdom among man?  How small is every man?

With every prayer.  With every desire.  With every movement of soul and body.  The man of God seeks the will of God.

Where is the boasting pride of man before God’s Holy Throne?  Such things are not even allowed entrance.


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