The Division

I doubt that it is possible for man to understand the things I am about to say.  For he will perceive through his own understanding.  And the understanding of man is filtered through greedy desire.

I do not mention greedy desire as a slur, but simply as a fact of his own nature.  For every man is born of severe limit.  Ignorance, death and sickness belong to him.  Wherever he perceives an individual who is overcoming these things, he desires with greed to have (or with his pride, to reject).

You want the love of God’s people.  You reject them because they do not love you as you love yourself.  In the weakness of your being, you think it abhorrent that anyone should love God’s ways more than they love you.

But you do not understand the differences in love.  We love you as a matter of mutual weakness.  For the things that plague you also plague us.  Ignorance, sickness and death cover all men.  So that the love we have for you is born of compassion.

But the love we have for the Living God’s Holy Son, is not filled with compassion!  He is endlessly wise, full of life, power beyond the wildest imagination of man, and eternal.  Our love for Him is full of awe, reverence, worship, thanks and praise.  How is it possible for us to give you this same love?

We serve you with the compassion that is born from our love for God.  But your pride gets in the way.  You don’t want to be thought of as weak.  You don’t want pity, unless it comes dressed as excuse.

There is so much more to say regarding this.  But let this stand as it is.  Those who will ponder these things may well find understanding.  For in their pondering, they may turn to God to understand.

Do not think we chide you because we hate you.  We hate the weakness that was ours.  As long as that weakness still dresses you, you receive the hatred of those who love God.  Yet even in our hatred for the things that cover you, you receive our compassion.  Even as our own weakness has received the compassion of God.

Yet with compassion, we deliver you the message of God.  Boldly, we deliver you the messages of warning.  Boldly, we speak to tear down the things you currently love.  We make fun of what you think is sincere.  For there is no life in the ways of man.

We know you will not accept our word as long as you are dressed in pride.  For you consider us rebellious.  We were once of you.  And now you can’t understand why we have turned against you.  But the compassion of God within us, drives us forward to speak, regardless your response.

You are urged to come and be with us.  Not a single man who loves the Living God in Christ Jesus, desires this division to remain.  What holds you back is not our hatred for the things that now cover you; as if we are snobish and proud.  What hold you back is your own weakness in pride.

Only the Living God will reveal these things, and this through his most excellent wisdom.  The weakness of flesh and blood cannot enter the kingdom of God.  Only those things born of the Holy Spirit of God may enter the kingdom of heaven.  You cannot join us without the humility of Christ covering you.  You cannot truly love us unless your sins are forgiven.

May the Living God, the Holy Father of Christ Jesus, His Holy and Righteous Son, have mercy to wisely open the eyes of all who read this.

By His Grace


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