God’s Presence

One day, when I was in college, I was called in to a certain teacher’s office.  Another teacher came to sit with us two.  A question was asked.  I don’t remember the exact phrasing, but it sort of went like this: “What makes you think that God appears to men today?”

I was relatively young in Christ.  And I don’t remember my response.  But in retrospect, I am still amazed that these two should ask such a thing.

It was a Bible College!  It was a popular Christian College on the west coast.  Yet there were two teachers there who did not believe in the living presence of the Living God.

I was stunned by the question, I do remember that.  I was angered that such people, in such a position of ability, should even dare to challenge one of their students with such a foolish and unbelieving question.

I could not give powerful answer on that day, I do remember feeling rather weak before their “mighty” minds.  And I do remember how I relegated their teachings to “small” after that day.  I had doubted their power in Christ before that.  That doubt only grew from then on.

But doesn’t the question remain?  And isn’t it asked by far more than two unbelieving teachers in a Bible College?  There are millions of “Christians” who have wrestled with this very question in their heart for years.

The answer does not appear in physical proof.  It comes to us by faith.  Yet, I can testify that the power of the Living God does rest upon those who believe.

We hear the Word.  We believe the word.  And as we apply that belief to our life, the Living God moves in.  The more we turn to that belief, as our singular power to live each moment, the stronger is the presence of God.

The answer to their question is something like this:  “If God is not willing to reside within His people, then everything you stand for is a blazing lie.  Everything you’ve taught is worthless trash.  Therefore, your position, title, and all the money you make here, is stolen.”

I wish I had said that.  I wish I had sealed my lips after speaking it, got up from my chair, and left them to ponder.


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