The Hungry Sea Creature

2061212_370I woke from sleep this morning, from a dream that most would call a nightmare.  A sea creature had taken to land.  It was a creature who had a taste for man.

I was perched on a narrow outcropping of rocks above the surf.  He was perched along a slightly lower place. With confidence, I challenged his right to hunger for the likes of me.

But, to my horrible surprise, he was able to reach toward where my feet stood.  I was in no fear of being caught.  But as he reached, the rocks beneath me began to loosen and fall into the sea, one by one.

“No need to remain in bed”, I thought.  So I got up to start the day.  It has taken two hours for this dream to find meaning.  But the meaning is more threatening than the dream.

The world moves from one moment to another.  What is past is like those rocks which were falling into the sea.  The foundation that saved me from becoming food, was a place I should not have been. Was I where I should be?  Hadn’t I remained too long in a place that was no longer useful?  If I had moved on from there, I would never had seen that creature.  I would not have been vulnerable.  I would never had known what follows.

God leads His people from place to place.  He is always drawing us nearer to His intended goal.  What we can be, in His Holy Power, lay before us.  What we were standing on, becomes a crumbling foundation.  The past is not a firm place to live. Security belongs to today.

The Living God’s protection applies to the moment.  It does not rest in the future, as some believe in the Gospel.  It does not reside in the past, as many waste away their lives in regret or accolade.  He is the NOW.  Remember, His Holy Name is “I AM”.


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