The First and Basic Truth

I am sorry for you, men of the world, for you willingly reject the authority of man in the things of God.  God Himself has chosen to speak through men.  But you cannot stand such a glorious authority.

You gladly give authority to other men for lesser things.  Frankly because you know you can tear these men down at will.

You can restrain the men you elevate, by the strength of popularity, financial subsistence, or even by death.  But any man sent by God Himself rises above your filthy hands.  And for this you despise such men.

I am sorry for you because you dismiss the possibility of eternal life.  All the while you elevate the liars and the hypocrites to the places of honor.  I am sorry for you, because you will continue to do this until these things are taken away from you.

I am sorry for you, because you do not know the beauty of the things you dispatch so willingly.  By this proud strength, you think you have freedom.  But this proud strength restrains you as slaves to unrighteousness.

I write this to the men who are of today.  But you are no different from the generations who have passed before you.

I do not say this to accuse you, but to expose what keeps you blind.

Every man gives account of his own life.  Do you desire freedom?  Do you desire eternal life?  Or do you find yourself content to live a life of slavery to everything that is false?

It is an easy thing to live in lies, for we are, by our nature, liars.  Even forced by the nature of things around us to live a great lie.

And we are lazy slugs.  Desiring peace and tranquility, we strain to retain our own wickedness.  Our soul knows, that if we are wicked, the Lord will be kept far away.  To our shame, we call this peace.

But our soul also knows that we will be caught up to Him, regardless our state of affairs.  Yet men prefer to live in ignorance.

The Lord has established His Holy way from forever.  But every man is born in this place of time and wickedness.  Before he learns to speak, man is taught the authority of pride.

Are you willing to learn the authority of humility?  Are you willing to entertain the Holy Fire of the truth of God?  Every man will certainly entertain it on that great day of judgement.  But the gospel has been sent to us that we might escape The Horrible Flame.

This Gospel has been handed from God to man once and for all, and this by the Holy wisdom of God; that he may test the heart of every man.

There is a question written in the fabric of creation, and every man can read it clearly.  “Will you humble yourself and seek the face of He who is Holy, Holy and Holy?  Or you will you retain the freedom to be proud?

You will gladly accept the authority given to a man by the schools of men; that machine of men which produces liars.  Plumbers, electricians, doctors, psychologists, lawyers, and every occupation of man, receives your respect.  Are you willing to listen to those who are the product of the eternal Holy Spirit of God?

You reject them because they are taught in a school which you are not allowed to control.  Wouldn’t it make sense that such men are more reliable than those who are taught for the sake of financial gain or pride?

Are you willing to receive the painful transition from wickedness to righteousness, before the painful and horrible Day of God arrives?  Are you willing to entertain eternal truth?

The lies you currently embrace are death.  Are you even willing to embrace that first and basic truth?

By His Grace


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