Prove Yourself

We all assess by what we perceive.  What people do and say means a great deal.   Such things tell everyone who they belong to.

I assess the world by the people who belong to its constructs.  Are you a good representative of the world’s expectations?  Do you believe all the hype about what “righteousness” and mercy are?  Do you perform the appropriate hypocrisy demanded by the life you choose to lead?

There are only two camps in all creation and heaven.  One is of satan.  The other belongs to Jesus, the Christ of God.  If you belong to the world, then do the things of satan.  Show your allegiance diligently.

Why should I not expect this from you?  You readily expect holiness, pure righteousness, uncompromising mercy, and godly love from Christians.  Why do you think expectations are only one-sided?

Teach me what the world believes.  Show your true colors.  But you don’t.  You hide behind all kinds of shifting beliefs.  Who can nail down what the world believes?  Who can point at satan’s kingdom and say, “That’s what he believes forever”?

But what the Lord Jesus is, remains plainly seen.  You chide us because we don’t perform according to your expectations.  What is that to us?  You don’t even know what’s expected from you.

I challenge the entire world to prove what’s true among all men.  Remove the Holy Law of God, and prove what’s true to me.  You won’t be able to do it.  You’ll find yourself full of doubt before you begin to speak.

Why don’t you stop pointing your wagging finger at Christians, and consider your own beliefs?  You’ll find hopelessness, but isn’t that why you currently despise those who seek after the Holiness of God?  Your ways are hopeless.

The only thing you can rely on is chaos.  And you’ve been taught to thrive within that construct.

The Gospel remains among you.  Seek it out.  Take a long and hard look into it.  Expose your very soul to its teachings.  There you’ll find the truth you are currently missing.


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