Holy Becoming

Two teams of men accomplished the securing of position yesterday.  The glory of man has become theirs.  Oregon and Ohio, have established the sum of their training.  Accolades are given.  Hopes of many rise to tumult.  And a place of decision waits to see the victor appear.

But there is an accomplishing that transcends any glory of man.  There is a “sum of training” that waits to be revealed.  Accolades for such as worship the Holy Son of God await.  But it is not a tumult of pride for those who endure into “The Faith”.  It is a Holy Noise of praise for the One who bought them.  It is a life of Holy power to become His.

The victory has been secured.  The world knows nothing of it.  They worship the accomplishments of their own hands.  But we wait for the New and Holy Song to appear from within our secured souls.

Let us train now!  Let us believe, listen, obey and become today!  Why can’t we overcome and glorify the Living God with the sum of our training?  Isn’t it because we have balked at the expectations and willingness of His Holy giving?

The victory has been secured.  What is this victory?  That the Living God cannot lie.  If He has proclaimed us as belonging to His Holy Son, then we can rightly receive His proclamation.

Rise up today!  Become, for the sake of His Glorious and Holy Name!  Then the testimony of His Righteous Son will shine within us.  Then we have no shame.  Then we have no fear.  Then we witness profusely and without ceasing.  Then we do not struggle for words.  Rather, we become His Holy Word.

Encourage yourself.  We only fail to stand because we have not believed.


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