Bible Thumpers, and the Like

Where is righteousness among the people of God?  There are “Bible Thumpers”, yes.  Who am I to say they should be restrained?  Would I stand well in the presence of Isaiah?  Yet, we have an obligation to inspect our service to the Lord.

I know that the Gospel is a very vital offence in itself.  Do we need to be odious to man’s perception also?  Again, however, I am no one to point a finger at my brothers.

It is mine to live as a slave to righteousness.  It is mine to remember my place, for I must testify that I am not where I should be among men.  Sin has brought me to live a life that should never have even known my name.  But I know there are righteous men of God among us.

Let each man do as truth demands.  Let each of us examine our place among men.  And I will enjoin the following, to support this theme:

In the day of Joel, did the prophet refer to what was written before him?  As he spoke the words that were given to him to speak, did he recall words that were spoken to a people who lived before him?  Isn’t it true that Joel spoke from the Living God, as the Living God desired to speak to the people of Joel’s day?

Point to a beautiful prophet.  Show me where their holy accounting mentions that they stood on a stump, thumping the despised Holy words of the past.  Yes, there were remembrances given to the people of each prophet’s day.  But there was also a vibrant and pointed message to the people of their day.  Their message was hated.  But not because it was of a different generation.  It was painfully applicable to the people whose ears heard the message.

I do not desire to step on the toes of any of God’s people.  I simply ask that we examine our testimony.  Are we the ones who are being hated?  Or is it the message of God that incurs abuse?  Let us not give them justification before God for their refusal of the Gospel; “The man who spoke the Gospel to me was filled with unholy comparison and judgment against me.  I found his presentation a hateful and proud dispensing.”

Though there is no place for men to hide from accountability, let us not give them another crutch with which they will find excuse.


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