Worthy Servants

We present what we are given, and in a manner we have received.  As a man combs his hair, because that is how his hair roots were formed, so we are bent to deliver what we have received.

Should a servant go out and attack his master’s enemies?  How should that servant know the subtle knowledge of his master?   A servant is confined to his service.  He is not privy to the upbringing of his master.  He is sent from the room when conversation of importance are held.  How should he know the full wisdom of his master’s business among men?

Wouldn’t it be better if such a servant were to ask his master, “My lord, is there something I might do to help you against your enemies?  Forgive me, but I perceive that they attack your estate with malicious intent.  I owe you my life, for the sake of what you provide for me.  You have my lowly place at your disposal.”

Such a servant will be respected for the sake of his love and dedication.  That servant may never use a sword against the enemies of his master.  But he will certainly be remembered as one who is prepared to render “good” service.

In the same way, should we give counsel to the Most High God?  Shall we determine to attack and devour His unholy enemies?  Such servants of God will find themselves being counseled by Holy Words.  They presume to know what they cannot possibly know.

Each man of God should speak according to the faith he has received.  But let him take counsel as to his position.  Let him draw a distinction between his lowly and restrained state of affairs, and the Eternity that is the counsel of God’s Holy Wisdom to act among men.

Can I make this clearer?  I must ask, and have asked, myself: “What has the Christ of God allowed you to do for His Holy Kingdom?”  I find that this place of testimony is the pinnacle of my service to the world.  But I must also recognize the value of a life lived as a servant to all men.  Even as the Holy Lord Himself is a servant to all creation.

This is the message given to me personally this morning.  “Remember the place you retain.  Take a good look at where you have been summoned to perform.  Be wary of presumption.  Remember what brought you to the place you inhabit in My Grace.”

I share this with you because I am no different from any man.  The temptation to move beyond the Lord’s blessing comes to every one of His servants, sooner or later.  It is good to avoid the tears of regret that will surely come to the servant who presumes to know his Master’s business.  It is best to revel with great joy that we have done the tiny things He has allowed us to do.


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