Eating the Tree

What is the stature of a holy man in Christ?  He does not gain one inch in breadth, width, length or depth.  It might even be said, in fact, that such a man shrinks physically.  For such a man’s physical stature is bent in service to others.  As pride is vanquished, he walks and works with eyes cast down.

The world perceives such a man through twisted pupils.  Darkened eyes perceive with extremely restricted perception.  They see a work or two, those works which cannot be hidden, and those works which were accomplished by error before men.  They refer to a holy man as a Saint.  But we cannot rely on their nomenclature.  What does the World know of what is holy?

If holy feeds them, they acknowledge a “good”.  If it causes sustaining of man’s desires, accolades are handed out.  And if holy produces financial gain, the World heralds the godly man as “profitable”.

But what is holy remains far beyond the perception of men.  It appears within a man, absent of physical form.  What men see, is much like the fruit of any productive tree at the time of harvest.  Men do not take home the leaves, bark, or limbs; they take the fruit.  And they do not call the fruit a tree.

Now consider something curious.  Men differentiate between the fruit they can eat and the tree from which it comes.  Yet they make no distinction between the work of God and the “work” of a man.  Instead, they refer to the man as holy, giving no credit to the work of God within the man.  Even in this, their hypocrisy abounds!


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