“Arrive Alive”

A saying spoken by leadership in the trucking industry, finds its use elevated during winter storms.  It was sent out again this morning.

I can’t help it.  When I see them use this phrase, I just shake my head.  They’re talking about getting to our destination.  How can I arrive at my destination on earth if I’m dead?  There’s got to be a formal title for this thoughtless use of words.

Their fear is expressed with a ridiculous set of words.  But it does open opportunity for testimony.

My destination is the throne of the Most High God, dressed in a robe given by the sacrifice of Christ.  That destination is first in my mind.  If this were the destination the leaders in the trucking industry were referring to, then I would nod amen.

I will arrive alive, and that forever.  But contrary to their use of the phrase, I must first die.  On the other hand, isn’t the promise given to us before we even die?

They’re simply trying to protect their own resources.  But I don’t understand why they should use such a foolish set of words.

By His Grace


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