Throwing Relatives in the Trash

Examples that truth is absolute abound.  But men examine these things in their imagination, which is full of dream like ambition.  And so millions walk away believing there is no truth to be known.  Truth is as relative as their perspective; endlessly millions, even in one person.

Let’s begin.  Create two piles of thought in your mind.  In one pile are the things you can trust, let’s consider them (for the time being) as truth.  The other pile will contain the things you know are lies.  Over time, if you are diligent, you will find that you have thrown lies to the pile of truth and truth to the pile of lies.  The life of habitual sorting is necessary.

Many would give up on this before they start.  They think to themselves, “This will take six lifetimes to accomplish”.  If a man must rely entirely on his own mind to do this task, then yes it will take forever.  But you will find that God is willing to intervene in your confusion.  Simply begin.  And help has already arrived.  One might even say that this article helps you before you begin these things.

Faith to believe is given by God himself.  All he’s looking for is a willingness to begin.  Then he looks for a diligence to continue.  If you will display that, he will reveal more.

But this task of defining truth and lies can be an extremely painful experience.  This is why so very few enter in.  Sadly, the diligence people display in trying to define what is true is similar to New Year’s resolutions; swept aside in a matter of days.

By His Grace

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