Purchased Authority

Authority is such a fleeting reward.  For a price you can gain believability.  Man has bottled the truth of the Living God, and will sell it for a certain price.

The manufacturing facilities are called colleges.  A man or woman is vetted by those who say they know.  Authority is not given without a punishing ordeal.  But once it is received a man may walk about this earth as if full of power.

But is the authority given by men truly a viable resource of truth?  Or is it a source of division?   At worst a ruse.

I don’t claim to know the price tag for a bachelor’s degree today.  I can’t remember the cost of my own.  But on cursory search it looks to be over $10,000.  With that a man has preliminary authority.

But let him search for more strength.  Man has created better, better and best.  You can gain what is called a masters degree.  Then if you are a truly diligent and godly man, you may seek for a doctorate!

What is the price tag of a Doctorate degree?    A man could easily spend 200 thousand dollars.  But don’t bulk!  Consider the authority he has just purchased.

How much did Moses spend to become the voice of God for Holy Law?  For what price did Abraham pay to achieve the title of “Father of faith”?  I wonder what Adam paid to become the first man.  And the College of shipbuilding seems to have faded into obscurity; yet Noah built an ark which withstood the most fierce of raging waters.

Was there a college available that helped Christians endure murder at the hands of the Romans?  Does anyone even ask what degree Billy Graham had procured?

There ought to be a sign above every Christian college door,
ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK“.  For there you will learn what men have to teach.  My friend, I testify, they are persuasive.  But I also testify they are utterly useless.  The summation of their teaching is simply one sentence: Seek the Living God in Christ Jesus”.

Why do I need to spend 200 thousand dollars to do that?  The answer comes back as a slap in the face.  “If you want men to listen to you, you have to have an authority they respect.”

Really?  Is that why the Christian Church is such a vital part of this world today?  Is that why there is a line outside every church on Sunday morning waiting to hear the sermon?  Is that why the parking lots are crammed with more cars than the Super Bowl parking lot?

Thank you for the answer.  I confess I didn’t know.

By His Grace


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