Holy Father, Righteous Sovereign God, I hear what they say about you.  They say they are like you; that all the qualities of God reside in man.  Such are the ruminations of darkened minds, distant from your Holy Throne.

How can we possibly be like you, O’ Holy One?  But the sea imagines itself suspended above the earth.  Men glorify themselves but they give you no place to reside.  In the desperate weakness of imagination, men bring you down to equality.

But your Majestic Holy Throne, Glorious Father, blazes with perfect intensity.  For eternity you have been, with not one misstep through countless ages.  You alone are Life and Good!  Not even the smallest grain of dust exists outside of your knowledge.  Still men seek to bring you down.

Lazy souls who will not rise, they imagine you kneeling before them.  They imagine you giving them excellent praise for their good and sound ways. 

Darkness covers them with the greatest of covering; a thick sheet of black slime covers their unholy eyes.  Not one sliver of your Glorious Majesty penetrates to their perception.  Yet they announce their great knowledge, with a vast joyful pride.  They have learned to roll mud into a ball, and they praise one another as if they are gods!

They have dispatched the Living God to obscurity.  His Holy and Righteous Son they ignore.  For eternity he has been your very mouth.  Your every desire, Holy Father, has found excellent willingness to accomplish in your Holy and Righteous Son.  He alone have you elevated to the highest place of honor.  For in all things he is, you are First.

But he too, men relegate to obscurity and uselessness. “Leave this Jesus to the children and to fools, we must establish our place and make a profit.  For now, we have no time for the Son of God! 

Perhaps when we are aged we will give him some consideration.  He will have to wait, for the things of men are desperately important. 

The volume of men has spoken, God and His Son are useless in this glorified place of man.  But we will retain the beauty of angels, for as servants they make no demands of our time. 

Let God and his son come and walk with us.  Let them put their hands to work that they may be useful among us.  Cause us profit and feed are aching bellies! 

Be useful and help us in our times of need.   Retain your place among us, as we have prescribed, and we may give you glory when we have time.”  With this they render you blasphemy instead of praise!

You have seen all these things Holy Father.  And you have prepared a place to encounter them.  There they will be fully ashamed, and you will sweep away their frail hope with the beauty of your appearance.  There they will realize the folly of their useless imagination.

You have raised up a people for yourself by your own perfect desire.  You teach them how to love you.  Your Holy beauty and wisdom, righteousness and patience, provokes them to obey.  Because of this, kneeling before you with humble hearts of praise is first in their mind.  Equality with God is not an option!

By His Grace


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