“It’s Not Fair!”

What a horrible and wicked plight is man.  Caught up in the pride of his own things, he is destined to be destroyed.

You complain against this saying: “It is not fair I am valuable!  Why should I be destroyed?  The words you just spoke are not possibly true!  God is love he will not destroy me.  If I am to blame because I cannot do what is perfect it must be understood I am only a man.”

What you say is true, you are only a man.  But you use this as an excuse.  When it should be the very engine that causes you to fall to your knees in humility.

But look at how pathetic your plight is.  Look how far away from truth your response stands.  Your response is full of pride, not humility.

It is easy to be proud, isn’t it?  It is easy to blame anything but yourself.  When you say, “I am only a man”, aren’t you blaming someone else for your fault?  And who might that someone else be, but the very One who gave you life.

Do you know about the Gospel of Christ Jesus?  Do you know that he has prepared a place where you do not need to be a pathetic creature?

I won’t take up this space with explanation of the Gospel.  You can find the entirety of it in the New Testament of the Bible.  And if you are not willing to read that, what good is it for you to read my explanations of it?

By His Grace


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