It is happening all over the world.  In broad view of every man, God is saving souls.

From the meager child who believes that the Bible is true, to the great man of God who displays the works of God by his faith.  The testimony of God blazes clearly.

Who will open his heart to humility that he may understand?  Who will take a long hard look at his own heart and ways and mind?  Who is willing to risk all he has for all there is to gain?

There is but one God, the living God.  There is but one Holy Son, Jesus the Christ.  And there is but one power of truth given to men, the Holy Spirit.

The world will call these things opinion, for they have so many variations of religion.  But the power of eternal life is proven in Christ Jesus, the Holy Son of God.  If you humble yourself in prayer and earnestly seek the face of God, you will know that these words are true.

By His Grace


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