Risk Belongs to the Valliant

A rich man drove his new BMW to an important meeting.  In the crowded traffic he became stuck in rush hour.

A dirty ragged man came to wash his windshield, at least that’s what the rich man thought.  Instead the bum came over to his driver’s window.

With serious and intelligent eyes, the bum encouraged the man to roll down his window.  With regret, the window move down about 2 inches.

“Give me your shiny car and I will give you all the money in my pocket.”  The bum said.

The rich man smiled.  His eyes lit up, like a hunter who has spotted a trophy.  He opened the door and stepped outside.  He handed the bum his keys and said, “Where can I send you the title”.

With a great loving smile the bum reached in his pockets.  His dirty craggy fingers hauled out five rather large rolls of hundred dollar bills.  “I’ll Drive you to your office and wait for you while you get the title.”

The deal had been struck.  With compassion and abandon for life, the rich man had gained a precious memory. 

The title was exchanged.  When the rich man counted the money, the total came to the price he had paid for the car.

What became of the bum and the car, no one knows.  But what became of the rich man’s heart was easily seen by the life he later chose.  He had been released from the fear of greed.  And all because he was not afraid to take a chance.  He counted compassion as more valuable than money.

“From the days of John the Baptist until now, life is given unto the kingdom of the heavens, and the valiant take hold of it.”  (Matthew 11:12, Jubilee Bible 2000)

By His Grace


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