The Conductor

The Holy Lord of life is rich in splendor.  In his wisdom he gives gifts to men.

Obscuring pride by dispensing faith, the Most High God provides praise for his Holy Son.

10 million men speak willingly of the Glory of God.  By the power of the Holy Spirit they have received, so they speak according to the wisdom of the Living God.

Even the contemplations of the wicked are fraught with Holy themes.  The story of God’s Christ is replete among the things of men.

Unavoidable Glory is produced in all creation,  both heaven and earth.  For the work of Christ is so dearly loved by His Holy and Righteous Father.

It is right to desire to be more for His Holy sake.  But wisdom teaches us to retain the seat we are given, as we play our received instrument in his Holy Symphony of Love.

By His Grace


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