Let it Do Its Work

People pay all kinds of money to attend concerts.  They endure all manner of inconvenience to go to the movies.  And it used to be, that people would trudge miles just to attend an hour or two speech by someone important.

But the sweetest rendering of a song, is played in the memory.  The visual effects of a movie come to life in the imagination.  And the words of a great orator are best heard when they combine with personal experiences, unique to each one who heard, and delivered in their proper time.

As it is with the life among men, so it is with the things of Heaven.  We should not fall to manipulation as we hand out the words of life.  It is better to let the one who hears stew as the heat of his soul allows.  If there is a boiling over to occur, it is best to be done by a direct source of heat.  We don’t put the pot near the burner.  We carefully place it centered above the heat.  Then, we leave it alone to do its work.

All things in creation tell the story of Christ Jesus.  Even the sins of a man speak the testimony of the Christ.  Let the Glory of God do its work.  Deliver the Gospel, and then step aside;  as if all we do is turn on the switch to the burner.  Show me a man who keeps his hand on the knob while the food cooks, and I’ll show you someone who lacks any reasonable judgment.


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