You are Invited!

It is possible (Very possible) that someone might think to themselves, “I will wait until I am able to consider myself holy before I testify about God’s things”.  When will that be?  What sign, within yourself, are you expecting to find?

Isn’t the Lord of Life worthy of proclamation?  Isn’t the consistent nature of creation testifying about God’s Holy Son, regardless how men use it?  Dirt is still dirt, whether it covers a corpse or builds a brothel.  The stars remain in their place, though no one has embraced one with a massive hug.  Sinful men testify about what is godly every moment of their pathetic life.  Yes, the Gospel is that replete among men.  What right, then, do Christians have to hide the holy word within themselves until they receive a “certain” sign from heaven?

The testimony goes out regardless how His people keep their mouths shut.  And didn’t He testify to this when it was written, “I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”

Why would you let the Glory of God emanate from what is ungodly?  Have you no respect for the One who bought your worthless soul?  Why would you relinquish your place to proclaim, knowing that the proclamation will come from those who display no godly attributes?  Have you forgotten the phrase: “I tell you, not one of those who were invited will get a taste of my banquet.”

Grip your fear and unwillingness by the adams apple.  Choke it till it gasps to proclaim.  If fear has you, then go in fear.  If you are unwilling, then drag your worthless butt there.  Proclaim or lose the honor of it.

Listen, my brothers and sisters, we dance before the King of kings.  We live before the Living God.  So what if we’re not worthy to carry holy words!  Neither are they who would so accuse us if we spoke them!

The Gospel is an offence against the pride of man.  How humble would a man be who can’t obey the will of God, yet proclaims His Honor anyway?  Wait for that “something more”, and you will be waiting far past the closing of the banquet door.


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