Baby “Man”

Here we live and die in obscurity.  How utterly unpalatable for Man!  “I refuse to live in obscurity I will be recognized as vital!”  So screams Man.

Everything the heart of Man does is focused on recognition.  The way he moves, how he dresses himself, the words he uses as he speaks, the friends he gathers to himself, and all the things he buys with what money he can make.  These are but a loud cry of complaint.

Scream and cry and kick like a baby.  Beat your brother about the head for the things he has, you will gain absolutely nothing.  It will gain you nothing in the end.  As you lived your life in obscurity, so you will die.  Though you strive to “keep up with the Joneses”, amasing similar trinkets, you still remain obscure.

The pride of man is futile and pure folly.  But humility before God in Christ Jesus His holy son, this is renowned.  This is to become “someone”!

By His Grace


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